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Rai (ライ, Rai?)
The player's character of the PS2/PSP game, Code Geass: Lost Colors. Although his name can be changed by the player in the game, his default name is Rai. An unknown youth who also holds the power of Geass. He suffers from amnesia and is discovered by Milly and Lelouch in Ashford Academy, where he fell unconcious after escaping a Britannian facility. It is later revealed that he is actually a person from the past (hundreds of years ago). His father was of Britannian royalty and his mother was Japanese, of the Sumeragi clan (same as that of Kaguya), thus resulting in ill treatment from his other siblings because of his half-breed status and thus not a pure Britannian. In order to protect his mother and younger sister, he bound himself to V.V. in exchange for the power of Geass. His power of Geass is the same as that of Lelouch's, allowing him to make people obey his orders, and with it, he ascended to power. However, during a war with a neighboring country, while he was only trying to raise the fighting spirit of his people in a speech, he lost control of his Geass and accidentally ordered his people to fight to the death against the enemy, similar to how Lelouch used his on Euphemia. This order caused not only his people, but his mother and sister who he had wished to protect, to charge to their deaths, leaving him with nothing. In his loneliness and sadness, he used his power on himself to make him forget all of this and put himself to sleep inside a ruin similar to that found on Kaminejima. He was discovered by Bartley, who put him in the same facility in Area 11 where C.C. was held captive by Britannia. He awoke and used his power of Geass to escape the facility, ending up at Ashford Academy, where he was taken in as a temporary student as he tried to recover his lost memories.