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Summary translated by Patches

The time of the conclusion has come...

This week resumes with Kagome with her bow readied.

Kagome: "I believe in this shot! My arrow will hit the Shikon no Tama!"

Kagome fires her arrow at Naraku, or rather the Shikon no Tama.

Inuyasha: "The arrow disappeared!"

Like it was sucked in, Kagomes arrow disappears while heading inside Naraku.

Kagome: "Please... pierce the jewel!"

Then the scene changes to Naraku. With the Shikon no Tama nearby, Naraku recalls Kagome's words.

Kagome: "Naraku... the Shikon no Tama didn't grant your real wish, did it?"

Naraku: "My... real wish...?"

Then an image of Kikyou passes through his mind.

Naraku: "That's right... I merely wanted Kikyou's heart."

Then Kagome's sacred arrow appears near Naraku.

Naraku: "Hmph... Even in the next world... Kikyou, it looks like I can't go to where you are..."

Kagome's sacred arrow hits Naraku beautifully.