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Okay. I recognize that this board DOES NOT need another Code Geass thread. However, I hope to have some relevant insight into some of the character's names, and if I don't, well... SAGE the shit outta me.

I was in my psychology class earlier today reviewing for a test, and came across this one psychologist who theorized something along the lines of "freedom causes anxiety." That psychologist's name is Rollo May. ROLLO. I flipped out. So I started to look up some other name meanings. What I've got thus far is:

Rollo: Reference to Rollo May
Lamperouge: Literally means "red light," which is exactly what the geass is.
Ashford: Ashford is a fallen family, hence, Ash. That's all that need be said.
Lelouch: A french film maker with the last name "Lelouch" directed a modern remake of Les Mis. Sounds reasonable, though I could be wrong.

Has this been rehashed over and over, thus making my thoughts irrelevant? And also, any more insights into character names other than the Arthurian references in the mecha/cats?