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Hi /a/ I don't come on here much but I has me some questions.

1) How did Lelouche become the standard romanization for his name? When I heard it I figured it was LaRouche or LeRouche, both of which are actual names. Was it written somewhere on screen, so it became canon? Kind of like the unfortunate blunder that caused Tessa's name to be Teletha instead of Theresa? Or is it just arbitrary cuz everyone watches the same subs?

2. Has there ever been any explanation as to why C.C. and V.V.'s names are written that way but pronounced C-Two and V-Two respectively?

3. This one's not really a question: There is nobody on the entire planet in any reality or language named "Kallen". It's Karen. There is no reason to render it as an L, let alone two of them.