Retake Updated Collection

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All of RETAKE for anyone who wants to read.

Contains all six original volumes in English (proper reading order is 1-2-3-0-4-After, 0 is meant to be after 3 because it's basically a summary from the viewpoint of a certain character, any more info would be too much spoilage), the 1.5 hentai chapter (there's sex scenes in all the volumes, but it's a VERY small part of the overall story, 1.5 is just 20 or so pages of sex) in Japanese (basically it bridges the gap between 1 and 2, but it's not necessary at all), bonus images, some sort of "trailer" video, and a soundtrack (don't ask me, I have no idea why a doujin also has a soundtrack).

Enjoy (this was NOT on Rapidsearch, at least not all together like this, adding it to there now though). This made Evangelion awesome for me, I really recommend it (although half of you have probably read it already).

Proper reading order is 1-2-3-0-4-After.