Pokemon Beyond

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posted in a different topic on accident >.<

Since the current pokemon anime is fail(pikachu is never used, just eye candy, and he should be like level 100 by now), I decided to do a continuation, after the events of the first season, assuming after that, Ash went on to travel to other regions . anyways here it goes for the intro:

6 years in the future, and Red's journey has finally reached a conclusion. The only thing that stands between him and going back to Pallet town is a final bout with his long time rival Gary Oak. As the battle comes to a close, Red sends out his strongest pokemon, the one who's been with him all along, Pikachu. Since Pikachu has had so much training along the journey, he and Red were unaware of his true potential. As Red commands him to quick attack, Pikachu's immensive electric energy causes him to warp. Red stands there, full of despair, and bites his lip and continues to battle. The battle rages on and Red eventually wins. It's an unhappy victory though, and Gary tries to comfort his friend. Red always told Pikachu if he ever got lost to head back and they'd meet again in Pallet town so He and Gary head back to their home town.

I'll post moar character sketches if you guise are interested.