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/a/, what have you done to me? No, what has 4chan done to me?

I came here a little over three years ago and I was one of the nicest and shyest people in the world. Four years later I'm a Class-S prick who can't stand others. I used to type using "LMFAO or XD or even ^_^" but now the very sight of those make me tell someone to fuck off. I used to be one of those people who would say something like "OMG I'M LIKE THE BIGGEST [insert shitty anime here] FAN EVER! XD!" And now if I see someone say that on some site (because I sometimes get bored and browse anime forums) I usually go through the annoying process of joining the site just so I can tell them to shut the fuck up, nobody gives a rat's ass, and that they're just another useless piece of shit on this dump we call earth. And then they have the nerve to say "Jesus, what's wrong with you?" or something stupid that tries and justifies how they're acting? What's wrong with me?! What's wrong with them? Seriously, they all think they're so smart when they're actually some of the dumbest fucking people I ever encounter.

What did you do to me? Better question is: why am I questioning this three years later?