School Rumble Chapter 272 Script

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# 272 ROCKY

Harima: "W-why are you crying?"
Sawachika: "I'm not!"
Harima: "Don't lie. I saw..."

Eri slaps Harima.

Sawachika: "I'm not crying!"
Harima: "Stop this..."

She slaps him again.

Sawachika: "Shut up!!"
Harima: "Ow!"

Sawachika: "Hmph..."

Slap slap.

Harima: "Hey"
Sawachika: "I am furious!
Who are you to say those things about me!
How would you ever know what I'm thinking?!

Sawachika: "Me too!
I only want one boyfriend in my life! Understood?!
I'm satisfied with being with the person that I like!!"

Slap slap fap fap.