Naruto = McDonald's conspiracy

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Last week, on one of thousands of Naruto threads, I made a reference to Naruto being like a Manager at McDonald's.

Basically, the point was that in a world full of jounin/genin(or as we might call them "college graduates"), Naruto is still quit mediocre. Sure he completes his missions(pays his bills) and spends all of his money on junk food, but nobody thinks very highly of him. He is a well-paid failure, to put it shortly.

In addition to his position in life, his trademark color is orange. Likewise for McDonald's, with the yellow(arches) + red (background/Ronald's hair).

Need more proof of conspiracy? How do the Japanese say McDonald's? "Makkudonarudo."

"Narudo," eh? In hiragana & katakana, "do" is written with the same letter as "to" with the addition of two small lines, similar to a quote called "tenten." Yes, tenten, like the character. Take out the tenten, and it reads "Makkudonaruto."

tl;dr, Subject title.