Scientology's Lawyers ATTACK Anonymous

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The end of April 2008 saw Scientology's first litigious act against a member of Anonymous -- Gregg Housh in Boston US has been singled out for litigation. Housh is to be tried on charges of Criminal Harassment because he was the one who registered Anonymous' Boston protest Permits in February and March.

In addition, on March 1 2008, Housh and a group of protesters, were handing out fliers in downtown Boston to publicize the upcoming March 15 Protest. Several of the group entered the Co$ premises on 448 Beacon Street to distribute leaflets detailing the upcoming protest. This intent was to inform the church so that they could prepare for it and inform their Parishioners. Housh actually remained OUTSIDE of the church (on the footpath) throughout.

However the Co$ has twisted and maligned this courteous gesture and has decided that these actions constitute Criminal Harassment. This attempt by the Church of Scientology to Litigate against Housh, if successful, will mean that he will lose his freedom to exercise his First Amendment right to "Free Speech".

This will set a dangerous precedent for any and all Individuals wishing to peacefully and legally speak out against ANY organization.

The Church of Scientology is also trying to claim that the concealing of identities during the Protests (with V for Vendetta or Guy Fawkes masks) is grounds for harassment, citing that the concealed faces are threatening and intimidating.
What a Crock.

However, as previously stated to the media, Anonymous members choose to shield their identities due to the Co$'s history of harassing critics. Previous critics of the Church of Scientology who have faced legal repercussions include Joan Wood, Bob Minton and Time Magazine. This does not include the harassment of critics such as Mark Bunker, Paulette Cooper and Tory Christman.