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Hey /v/, most of you arent ronery fags, alot of you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or have been in an intimate relationship at one point
Alot of you probably even have a gamer girlfriend, that you probably play games with all the time, you might be a pirate when it comes to games but you have bought her the sims 2 before.
Very few of you are actually really antisocial, you guys make a lot of friends at work or in class, because you dont want to feel like an outcast, you guys can actually flirt pretty well. Talk to the girls alot, laugh and have fun.
For the females in here, You probably get plenty of guys, the kind that takes care of you, the kinds that are slightly perverted.

This is the truth, why do you guys pretend to be lonely virgins on the internet? You have anonymity, you dont have to pretend you dont have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Everyone here is pretending they are lonely, because they think they need to to fit in.

If you arent afraid, step up now, and tell us how your relationship is going, or how long you have been dating. You dont have to hide, or pretend anymore.