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Hey all I'm trying to find the name of an old anime I saw when I was like 12 or so and I just wondering if this rings a bell for anyone else.I'm not really sure exactly the story but I only ever saw the first 4 eps or so but it may have been an OVA.

Anyway from what I can remember it was about a little girl who could turn into a monster because of some power (I think it was some power from folds in dimensions but I can't be certain). An in the first ep or two she was being chased by three cyborgs and one of them was a chick and I remember her face would extend from her head a fair bit when she did some transformation to fight the girl.

The next eps were set on a battle cruiser or something where they were testing a new un-maned plane but because of the girl and her power that somehow leaks a little to it the plane come alive and then tries to kill her.

So does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Like I said I was young when seeing this, so arround 1995 or earlier it would have been made.