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I started out as an opressed eleven with no rights. I endured being viewed as subhuman filth, but I got the whole Britannia to respect me for who I am. The emperor himself trusts me with his highest secrets. Where I once had to bow and grovel, now I walk proudly and it's britannians that move out of the way. That's because I'm a real man.
So I heard you hate me, anon. But is it hate you feel, or envy? What did you acheive, anon? You were born in a free world with nothing to stop you from realising your dreams, and here you are, masturbating in your dark room. You are a whiny failure with no dignity. You frown at real men, you call me a betrayer, a hypocrite. I guess that's your word for willpower and determination, of which you have none.
Now crawl back to your internets. If one day by some miracle of fate you end up being worth something, we'll talk like real men. Until then I'll be laughing at your RAGE while having threesomes with Viletta and Nunally.