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This is what i posted on /a/ last night, but i missed most of the discussion since i had work and it was late.

This is why i think Kurosaki Ichigo is awesome :

He never gives up on protecting his loved ones. No matter what the odds, he will fight to save them. He may get beaten down by stronger opponents, but he always gets stronger to protect his friends. He didnt hesistate one second to charge into Soul Society, defended by an army of Shinigami and 13 captains all far stronger than him. He ended up beating Kenpachi without even a Bankai. He nearly died fighting Zangetsu to get a Bankai to defeat Byakuya and save Rukia. He never onced hesistated, no matter how bad his wounds were, he was always charging forward with the ultimate goal of saving her.

Even in the latest arc, hes barely healed from his near-fatal wounds, and hes charging into battle again to save Orihime. Standing between him and her is an opponent that has taken the best Ichigo has given before and came out unscratched, yet Ichigo hasnt hesitated to fight him again, because no matter what, he HAS to beat Ulquiorra and save Orihime. With his own two hands, he will protect his friends, no matter what.

In short, Kurosaki Ichigo is GAR.