Lagoon's Abyss

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The main characters of Black Lagoon are dropped into Midland ala Drifting Classroom during the height of the start of the Kushan invasion; not long after Griffith is reincarnated. Balalaika naturally falls in having her men and Lagoon Company assume the identity of one of the numerous free-lance bands of mercenaries roaming the country: Playing the factions of the Holy See Alliance and The Kushan invaders as skillfully as she can. While remaining equal parts wary of and in awe of the unearthly Griffith and forces that while primitive, are more than a match for her men and Lagoon Company. Rock, ever the diplomat, begins forming an alliance with the Holy See, disguising himself as a priest with Revy in her familiar role as his body-guard. They quickly learn that there is much more to Midland's appearance than a simple mirror-image of feudal Europe: Ranapaur's thriving under-belly seems like a play-ground in comparison.
Just who or what is Griffith? What of his fearsome, bestial Lieutenants and his adversary; The Emperor of Terror, Ganishka? What good are bullets against Men that induce waves of irrational fear and transform into towering monstrosities from primal nightmares? What is The Egg of the King? Are the accounts of the events at The Tower of Retribution true? Or merely the product of the religious mania of peasants? Who is the Black Swordsman, reviled by The Holy See as a harbinger and spoken of in hushed tones and rumors?
Is there any chance of their ever making it home and can they survive in this harrowing world over which a shadow is growing?