Code Geass again... Sorry had to get this off my chest.

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What pisses me off most of all is the fact that Spinzaku HAS NO FUCKING WEAKNESSES!

I mean look at Lelouch, he has the physical ability of a 10 year old. He can't even outrun normal/noble women for god's sakes.

And then look at look at Spinzaku, Mr. Hax.

"Suzaku, that turret has a delay of 0.5 seconds. I'll have to think of a backup pl-"
"I'll do it"
*runs on walls and spinzakus' the turret*
"Suzaku, MUDA DA! It's humanly impossible! In order to disarm the bomb we'll need to cut it at the exact moment the pend-"
"I'll do it"
"Suzaku, we're surrounded! Canons are being aimed at us. There's no way out! Listen to me! Liv-"
"I'll do it"

I mean, in the first season I raged less since they made him to be as stupid as everyone else but now you see him conjuring up Keikakus and shit.

"What are you doing here Suzaku?"
"Hey Lelouch, I'm planning to become the strongest of the knights."
"Wow, you'd have to be pretty strong and smart for th-"
"I'll do it"
*Keikaku dori*