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[Text: Tempa Terra, Track Rascals' Oasis]
Makie: Yuu~na! Yuu~na! / Look at me~~~! // See, I can use magic now~~!! // Just look at my chest!!!
Yuuna: Eeeeehhhhh?!! / [aside]magic is amazing!![/aside]
Makie: ...By the way, I took the extra volume... out of yours. // [aside]eheheheh[/aside] // By magic!♡
Yuuna: Huh? // Wha - // Whaaaaaaat?! // M - Magic is truly fearsome... // This must be what they mean about not knowing what you have until it's gone... // [aside]noooooo! my chest~! my beautiful cheeest~~! aaa...hhhh...[/aside]
Makie: Ah! // I did it!
[Bottom text: So, yes... the tournament isn't far off now!♡]