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I've given up trying to work out how Twenty Faces pulled off the heist in the beginning of episode one. Going through them,
1. Smoke pours out of the suits of armor. Easy enough to do with some prep-work befoehand.
2. He takes a policeman's uniform. Again, with enough time beforehand this wouldn't be too difficult.
3. Lifts the roof. Airship rising with cables around it, as shown.
4. Removes the bullets from the guns of all pesonell inside. How the hell did he manage that? Considering the guns would be carried on their person, and pronbably checked beforehand, and also the fact that the guns were still working for the policemen outside, he must've taken the bullets while they weren't looking. How?
5. "Walks on air". Attached to a line from the airship.
All explainable, except 4.