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Zac Bertschy stood in the Manga section of his local Waldenbooks. As his eyes scanned for the latest Naruto volume, a sudden rightwards eye-twitch revealed a shocking surprise. "What...but...HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!!" On the store shelves stood a single book with "Nymphet" running down it's slender spine.

The Answerman tore the book from the shelves, ripping off the shrinkwrap, scanning the pages with wild panic. Was this some sort of cruel joke? No, the Answerman was too late. Freed from it's Shrinkwrap prison, the book had already begun infecting nearby costumers, turning once mild-mannered men into vile child rapists. Zac fearfully noticed the young girl further down the aisle, halfway through reading the new Vampire Knight. A man had staggered over from the Cooking section. The forbidden Necrololicon had tainted shredded his social mores just as one shred's a virgin loli's vaginal wall. Zac watched in horror as the zombie-like man grasped the poor little girl to him, leaning in to smell her shoulder-length blonde hair, grasping under her fluttering skirt, feeling up her pert nipples through her flimsy summer tank-top. Her cute little voice cried "Noooo!", but her quivering little 12-year old body was easily overpowered by the full-grown man.