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Alright /a/, I seriously need your help with something. It's kinda stupid, but there aren't many places I can get help for this. Also, I'm not english, so sorry for mistakes.

When I was 13 and my little sister 5 years old we both made an agreement. Because I really liked the anime/manga Gravitation at that time and my little sister liked the anime (even though she didn't really understand it, she just liked the characters) we said to eachother 'I'll call you Shuichi from now on, and you will call me Ryuichi". It was silly and I tought it would be over in a few days. I forgot to call her Shuichi all the time, but my little sister didn't forget to call me Ryuichi. As a matter of fact, we are now 5 years further and she hasn't called me by my real name ever since. I didn't really pay any mind to it, but recently I was wondering if it would be better if she would stop calling me Ryuichi and just call me by my real name again. But she has been calling me like that for 5 years already and it would be weird to just switch over, wouldn't it? But I really want her to stop saying 'Ryuichi', I mean no one else says that to me, only she does. But I feel uncomfrtable when I think I have to ask her to call me by my real name again...I don't know why really...

so tell me /a/, what should I do?