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Curious here. The situation is as follows. For whatever reason (I'd like to think the Anti-Spirals are about to crush the planet), it's possibly the final day on Earth due to some cataclysmic event threatening to wipe out all of humanity. You have a choice. 3, actually.

How would you go about on your final day?
Would you join the people who've created a shelter to try and save many from impending doom? Note: This is not a surefire safety. There's always the chance that it'll fail. The thing is, it would take you the remainder of your time to reach the location and enter the facility. Is this really okay even if things don't work out?
Would you become a free soul and take part in the chaos to ensue by the masses? Just about everything you'd ever imagined owning or doing, it's yours for the taking. What would you do/take? Is this really a good idea? What if you have a chance of surviving and repopulating the Earth if you join the shelter group?
Would you join a crew of people who have figured out a possible way to lessen and or stop the disaster to come? Once again, this is not entirely foolproof. You may end up succumbing to it all before figuring out how to turn things around. Then again, you could become a hero and truly be something great in future life.
Interesting what your choice will be. Definitely says something about a person.