MAD HOUSE anime series from this season

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Let's discuss about MAD HOUSE anime series from this season. I want to know which MAD HOUSE anime is the best for anon.

These are my opinions about.

Chii's Sweet Home:
My lil sister likes it.
I know that anonymous lote/hate this anime (but I'm not sure about if anon most lote or most hate Chii -plz, i want to be sure about that-)

Kamen no maid guy
Fubuki! You're the one non-crazy character from this anime... anyway, I dislike the CG (god! Mokke had better graphics... In fact Mokke is better than this one)
It's hillarious and you'll definitely see fanservice.. but It's just hillarious. (I give to it 3.5 stars)

About OP: Sometimes I like it/Sometimes It annoys me
About ED: I like the song, but not the animation for the ED,

Allison & Lillia:
I like the animation graphics. The plot looks interesting. I hope to see a great ending... cause I don't want to be deceptioned as when I saw the Claymore final episode.
About OP and ED: I don't like them at all.
I give to this anime 4 stars ( I don't like it as GEASS R2, Blassreiter, GOLGO 13 and Macross Frontier)

Interesting plot, animation work (different from other animes from this season)... and great soundtrack. I've rewatched the ep 1 about more than 3 times. A real surprise for me, I didn't think that I would like this anime.

About OP and ED:
"Triangler" (Macross F) was my fav OP theme from this season, but when I heard "Never" (I think I love the Seira vocals) I'm not too sure If I'd choose this song or Triangler as my fav OP. I like the "Carry me away" (ED), too.

Kaiba is the one Mad House anime from this season that I really like, but I'm still not sure about giving to it 5 stars (should I give 5stars to Kaiba?). opinions plz. I hope Kaiba gets more interesting in the next weeks.