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Sup /a/,

I'm pretty sure a whole lot of you know a lot of people who don't like anime/manga, be it friends, family, co-workers or just people you happen to meet.

I'm sure that a lot of these people, upon realizing you like anime, develop this "elitist" stance. They basically think that because you like anime, you are very childish. They would say things like "you need to grow up" or "you need a better hobby".

How do you handle these types of people?

Here's one example of what I did:

A classmate notices that I was watching Grave of the Fireflies on my laptop. He starts giggling and pointing at me with his friends. I know straight away that he was making fun of me for watching anime. I then proceed to tell him that GOTF was considered "one of the best war movies ever made" by famous movie critic Roger Ebert. And I showed him interviews where people respected GOTF. That shut him up.

What about you?