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For the first time in my life I have got a tattoo!!

I got it from Yvonne for my birthday, May 21st! And guess what it is?

Sailor Moon!!!!

I went to about 15 tattooshops here in Amsterdam with a printout; nobody knew what it was.

But at the very last shop on my list, one of the artists working there saw the picture and said: "Wow, that's Super Sailor Moon!!"

I just couldn't believe it: he knew Sailor Moon!!

He told me that his girlfriend was fond of Japanese Anime and Manga, so that's why he knew it!

I was so thrilled, that of course I immediately told him,
he would be the one to make my tattoo!

So I had it done, on Saturday May 15th 1999.

The artist who made the tattoo, Travis Ra Tamara, was very enthousiastic too!

From his other work on photo's I could see,
that he always does his very best to make a perfect result.

Although he never made a Sailor Moon tattoo before, he told me that he liked this so very much, that he would do his best even extra!

I think the result is so perfect!

So now Usagi will forever be part of my life!