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In the streets of Los Angeles, a legendary battle will soon take place. Seven teams will duke it out in the ghettos of downtown, and only one will come up out top as top dog. This is Fate/Stay Night if shit were done right, in the fuckin US of A. Now calm down bitches and stay tuned as the teams and shit are explained cuz this shit is fucking CONFUSING.


1) Team Leader : Kotomine. Servants : Rider, Lancer
2) Team Leader : Ilya. Servants : Berserker
3) Team Leader : Bazette. Servants : Saber, Lancelot,
4) Team Leader : Rin. Servants : Archer, Gilgamesh
5) Team Leader : Soichiro. Servants : Avenger, Lancer (Fate/Zero), Caster, True Assassin
6) Team Leader : Dark Sakura. Servants : Assassin, Rider (Fate/Zero)
7) Team Leader : Shirou . Servants : None

This is fucking US of AMERICA so we do shit here by voting cuz this is a DEMOCRACY unlike japan. Call in now and don’t fucking change the channel you whores or text in to 1-800 GAR wit your winning team.