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"this hand of mine glows with an awesome power. it's burning grip tells me to defeat you!" - domon kasshu

this quote is from g-gundam, an anime that's showing on the cartoon network at 12am (it's getting pretty good, but it's in medias res). what i like about this quote is that it's so inspirational. why? first of all, it's so poetic and varied. it's not "my hand" but "hand of mine", that glows no less, and with what? an "awesome power". wow. and then burning grips?? bad dubbing alone could not have produced this, it's genius. second, domon says it with so much emotion that you just can't help but believe that, if you shout really loud when you want to achieve something, it will happen. too bad i don't have a sound clip, you would be a believer too. lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, it's the fact that his BODY PART is supporting him, telling him what to do. let's say you're tracy and chopping this really hard vegetable. if your hand all of a sudden told you to defeat the vegetable.. shoot, wouldn't you get the job done?

speaking of tracy and judy, on the subject of audience and blitz vs. xanga personality, i think i'll subscribe to the letting people change the channel and putting the weirdest thing on my mind up. this may mean that blitz and xanga are a little different though, because is it often that you blitz out and not expect people to respond? i guess here it's nice to get comments, but since you're not directing it to anyone (a la blitz), there's no explicit expectations any single person (then again, maybe it's more like a mass blitz). oh well, time to sleep.