Original Character! Don't steal!

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There was a thread just a little while ago with a rather shitty Inuyasha "original character", made, obviously, by a rather retarded fangirl. Someone in that thread asked if it was impossible to make a truly unique or interesting character from such base material (i.e. anime in general). I'd like to take up the challenge as I myself made an Inuyasha OC a quite a few years back...

She was a minor detachment of Naraku; a test subject, if you will. She was "born" a blank slate as it were, possessing neither emotions nor empathy. Having been found and taken in by an elderly couple wishing for a child, she came to learn some of the more basic emotions, but nothing that would make her human.

After a while, the village in which she lived eventually gets attacked by a raiding party of bandits and she's left to die in a pool of her own blood (she was stabbed in the throat) after witnessing the deaths of her "parents" and neighbours. Being a demon, however, she simply recuperates from the otherwise fatal wound after a few days. At this point, upon seeing all the blood around her, she takes an acute, almost childlike interest in the crimson bodily fluids of humans. Picking up a small dagger (a letter opener of sorts) from the smoldering ruins of the village, and after saving the village's only other survivor (a small child) from under a collapsed building, she stabs the child (a girl) in the throat with the letter opener as the little girl cries in her lap.