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“Both,” said Akagi, coolly as always.

Everyone gasped loudly. Both!? How could he do both!?

“Akagi,” said one of the men who had fallen off of the bridge, “that’s way too big of a risk! One is more than insane enough, why would you do both? You could lose an eye AND an ear!”

“I don’t care,” Akagi replied, “there is no point to a gamble unless you die a meaningless death. Besides… If I do both, and stay on the slave side the entire time, I’ll win four times the amount. Their wealth will be destroyed if I win and--”

“Destroyed!?” interrupted Tonegawa, “Who the hell do you think you are? A low piece of trash that we’re granting another chance to get even a little bit of money!” He looked at the Chairman who only sat laughing hysterically in his chair, clapping. Uneased, Tonegawa looked back at Akagi. Akagi did seem different from the others, he sat calmly in his chair with cold uncaring eyes. He didn’t seem to even breathe. It was like looking at a demon, whose only pleasure came from ruining its enemies.

“Chairman…” Tonegawa started, “surely you can’t allow this brat to threaten your money? I mean--” he looked back at Akagi, “He’s out of line, isn’t he?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” chuckled the Chairman. “Hey, hey, bring that out here, would you?” he whispered to one of his lackeys, who left promptly.

“So, you accept?” asked Akagi, assured that this would be the first mistake to bring the Chairman to ruin.