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So there are pretty much two Holy Studios that have their enormous vocal cult favorites. But studios are too hard to discuss, so let's talk about women instead.

We've got GAINAX. She hates her fans but can't help but want to please them (tsundereism) is vaguely neurotic at times, is a cheapskate, and fluctuates madly between utter disappointment and wild jaw-dropping win. She's not afraid to say things like they are, but is reluctant to say her own feelings. Hence, tsundere with a side of yandere. What a mix!

Then there's KyoAni. She's the girl next door! Perfect at artwork, music, story quality... everything you could ask for. She loves her fans dutifully and quietly, giving them just what they need at all times and always fitting the mold of The Perfect Studio.

So which do you prefer? Do you think that KyoAni's robotic perfection pales in comparison to the excitement of never knowing whether Gainax will fail or win? Or do you believe that Gainax's neurosis and tsundereism is irritating and just want a studio that will fulfill your needs without asking for anything in return?

What do YOU think, /a/?