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With Gurren Lagann, GAINAX once again revolutionized anime by taking the "giant robot" genre - a stagnating staple of the otaku diet - and deconstructing the adolescent power fantasy to its foundations. In so doing, GAINAX has painted us an intensely personal portrait of psychological paralysis. The fact that legions of anime fans in Japan and abroad have identified with and embraced Gurren Lagann's weak, self-loathing and reluctant protagonist, Simon, is a testament to the importance of this work and reinforces one of the ultimate messages within the films - human existence, though replete with frustration, miscommunication and anguish, is to be chosen and embraced despite these qualities.

To characterize Gurren Lagann as a tale about "14 year old rugrat who pilot ugly mechs that contain the power of something else already invented by another anime...," is tantamount to reducing Brave New World to a sci-fi action/adventure novel.