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So I'm watching the Naruto Shitpudding movie, and here are my thoughts as I watch it:

-Sweet, Naruto got impaled
-Dark Medical Ninjutsu? Demon Country? Really? Come on. Come the fuck on. Jesus.
-Ghost Army looks like the Terra Cotta warriors of China. Does that mean that the Chinese are doing Dark Medical Ninjutsu?
-Neji & Lee, fuck yeah
-Sage for Bleach
-Miroku? Hurr hurr, in b4 Inuyasha fags. Yes, I know that Miroku is a prominent figure in Buddhism, before anyone else says it.
-Super Saiyan tentacle heroin bugs
-Priestess Mary Sue Kaleidoscope Sharingan

Anyway, that's as far as I've gotten so far.

Pic bunrelated.