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Ryou...I don't get why she gets all the hate on /a/. Clannad is just written to make her out as the slut, when really she's no worse than any of the 'protagonists' and a better person than most of them.

What are the main complaints? She raped Kappei and used Kyou to get close to Tomoya?

Okay, let's get this straight. She never fucking raped Kappei. She never did it. She never did it. She never did it. She never did it. She fucked Kappei.

Let me ask you this. WHO IN THE GAME DIDN'T WANT TO FUCK KAPPEI? You can't even name one fucking character who didn’t want to plug his loose ass! He is the kind of bitch who will act like he doesn't want it when he really does. He'll say No! while having multiple orgasms. Ryou knew this, she's a fucking man’s lady. She knows what filthy man-whores like Kappei want.

And there's this other big bitch you guys have with her. She supposedly used Kyou to get closer to Tomoya.

Objection! She was worried about her one and only precious sister. Is keeping your loved ones from heartache so wrong? When Sunohara does the same thing to Mei it's like 'oh he's so manly', but when Ryou does it it's wrong? She just wanted to protect Kyou. She probably was going to study medicine to tighten Kappei’s ass back up or cure his syphilis or something.

The story was written to make that faggot Sunohara look good. Objectively, Ryou is a far better character than Sunohara. At least she has the balls to take action decisively instead of dicking around like Sunohara, and if she weren't stuck with that weak ass personality and no plothax she probably could have fucked the entire cast.