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Shuji: Where is everyone?
Chise: They're dead, Shuji.
Shuji: Who is?
Chise: Everybody, Shuji.
Shuji: What, Captain Hollister?
Chise: Everybody, Shuji.
Shuji: And Todhunter?
Chise: Everybody, Shuji.
Shuji: What, and Selby?
Chise: They're ALL dead. EVERYBODY's dead, Shuji.
Shuji: Peterson isn't, is he?
Chise: Everybody's dead, Shuji.
Shuji: Not Chen?
Chise: Gordon Bennett, yes!! Chen, everybody. Everybody's dead, Shuji!
Shuji: Rimmer?
Chise: Yes, Rimmer's dead. EVERYBODY'S dead. EVERYBODY. IS. DEAD. SHUJI.
Shuji: Wait... are you trying to tell me everybody's dead?
Chise: ...Wish I'd never let him out in the first place.