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Hey /a/, this season has been kinda dry.

Soul Eater is tapering off after the first episode.
Kanokon didn't take long to piss me off with the cheesy, overdone "harem" shit (the class president and the fox's brother are the only likable characters, and Chizuru is a bitch).
Kamen no Maid Guy's art/animation quality is a bit flat, but the writing is absolutely golden, and the whole thing is a laugh a minute.
Tower of Druaga dropped the over-the-top parodying from the first episode (which I dearly enjoyed) to become a bit more generic (but still enjoyable).

Is there something else out there that I might enjoy (old or new)? I haven't watched all of Spice & Wolf, I just finished torrenting all of G Gundam, I haven't watched any of Baccano! yet, and I got halfway through Lucky Star's second episode before realizing how bland it was.

TL;DR - Recommend me something, /a/
Pic related, I saw it (stylish, well-paced, good production values, flat ending, didn't really have a heart)