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The bad thing about Soukou no Strain is that it went by too fast. This show almost parallels with Simoun but couldn't establish it's full potential because there wasn't enough episodes. One of the big problems with this series is that it lacks strong character development. For example, they killed off characters way too fast. In one instance they established this really awesome rival character, the kind that you really despise but has potential to gain your respect, however, they killed her off in the 2nd episode. And they tried to establish a love relationship twice, but cut both off prematurely which makes you wonder why did even attempted them in the first place? A lot of the supporting cast had unique quirks and personalities that deserved one episode individual character dedications to, however, with the limited episodes some of these characters only got a couple of speaking roles within the series. Another thing that bothered me was the lack of exploration within the world. If you ever watched Eureka Seven or Simoun one of the appealing aspects of it was how they allowed the viewer to see the unique worlds that the people lived in. Soukou no Strain should have been no exception. But for majority of the show the characters were on board a ship while traveling in light speed. Overall the plot is good but bare. You may think that with the amount of criticism that I hate this show. But it's quite good. Maybe I just had too much expectations on it. I mean, it's rare to find a gem such as this in mountain of anime out there. But with such a gem, you have to polish it and bring out it's full beauty, that's what this show failed in doing. If they had made this into a standard 24 episode series and it would have been perfect. If you have time on your hands, definitely check this show out. Otherwise you'll be missing out on this great niche title.