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Don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled for the rest of Code Geass.

Lelouch killed Marianne. Why? Becouse he was evil and wanted more power. He was obviously intelligent child with ability to manipulate people. And by that time, he had Geass, the same one he has now. So he arranged the death of his mother. How? There are many possible ways. He could have geassed Marianne to do it herself or use someone else close to the family.

However it went, Marianne was dead and that little bastard Lelouch though nobody would figure it out. But someone did, the Emperor, maybe becouse he figured it out by himself, maybe becouse C.C./V.V./someone told him. Emperor was of course, angry. But at the same time he felt bad for his son. He desided that the Geass had to be removed (by the person who gave it, of ourse) and then erased Lelouche's memory and sent him away.

Lelouch, of course ,still doesn't remeber anything about this. He thinks his father was the evil one and killed Marianne. Nunnaly maybe knows but closes her eyes (both practicaly and metaphoricaly).

C.C. definately had her hand in it, maybe she gave Lelouch his Geass like she was meant to. She returned to him to fullfill her purpose, even if it was against the will of the Emperor.

In the end Lelouch gets his memories back/someone tells him what he did and he goes insane. We can already see his evil moments, his TRUE nature. Someone stops him then, maybe C.C., maybe Suzaku.

See, it all makes sense like this.