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Okay, I just watched Baccano. I actually liked it a lot. Like most things I thought it could've been better, but I was surprised it was even this good. Shows like it have sorely disappointed me with good ideas executed horribly in the past. They did a good job of wrapping up most of the more important plotlines in 13 episodes but leaving wriggle room for a second season or OVA to still be interesting. I was concerned it was just going to abruptly end unsatisfactorily and wreck into massive plotholes like a lot of shows seem to do, but the things I really cared about the most got explored adequately enough for my tastes, and in an oddly well paced manner. I actually rather liked the disjointedness. It did wonders for anticipation and suspense. Imagine that, an anime getting suspnese right. It's been awhile since I marathoned something. Also, art, direction and animation were all quite top-notch, I like seeing this kind of quality going into things other than scenes of little girls jumping on tables, dancing in elaborate para para routines or the rare "epic" fight scene of some generic shonen. I was at first expecting a lame imitation of Cowboy Bebop, but instead got an awesome version of FMA. So, if you're slowpoke like me and haven't seen it yet, you should.