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Back while Geass R1 was airing, I hated Suzaku with a passion. And why wouldn't anybody hate him? After all, he came out as a self righteous moralfag that betrayed his friend and his country. He crashed Lulu's plans time and time again with his plothax powers and utter disregard for phisics. But this was an obvious plot device; the more you used to hate a character, the more profound your respect and admiration for him will be, when he redeems himself.
R2 changed my whole perspective on Suzaku. While episode 1 made many people rage, seeing it as the pinnacle of his hypocrisy and betrayal, I realised it was a turning point, the begining of Suzaku's ascent to hero of humanity. First off, take a better look at his choice of words. He said "I will change the world.". Yes, change the world, not "Make Japan a better place.". Not "Free my people and avenge their suffering.". Because Japan and anything pertaining to it isn't even remotely important to him anymore. You argue about his delusion in thinking he can change Japan's state by being the Emperor's dog. You accuse him of being a self righteous hypocrite. Well, he doesn't care. This pseudo-philosophical babble that the likes of Lulu and his fans cherish isn't something he has to bother with. His task is to save humanity, and if he has to be hated to acheive that, so be it. You don't save a whole world by meditating on ethics. You do it by acting decisively, which is what Suzaku is doing.