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Hey, /a/, I need your help with something. It’s a long story.

Actually I know you’re not gonna take this seriously at all, I sense a sage coming along or some such… (but yeah, what about that huh?! Self-aware copypasta? In my /a/?! It’s more likely than you think…)

There’s this girl I’ve been friends with for about a year and a half now. We go to the same college, and our friendship started when I kept on bumping into her everywhere I went ; in my Japanese class (she was picking up a friend though, not taking it like I was), at a school club we were both trying to join, and also at the local arcade which I just started frequenting back then. I was a sophomore then and she was a freshman.

As you can guess, she’s really into animu and magnum; cute as hell. And goddamn if she was the first person I knew personally who liked to cosplay. Hell, she got me out of my fucking hikki shell and going to anime cons in the first place.

But she’s also one of those really versatile, assertive chicks, really fucking talented. She’s a former honor student, pretty much Dean’s List right now I think, used to be on a bunch of swim teams in high school, plays guitar, sings like an angel… and she’s a beast in the vidya. Rhythm games are her forte, she’ll trash like anyone in Didder or GH/Rockband, but she’s almost tourney level for a casualfag fightan gaem scrub (a girl who actually plays Arcana Heart and Melty Blood? Who just divided the universe by 0?!). She’s also got a feisty, crazy sense of humor, and is just awesome to be around. Oh yeah, and she drinks like a fucking tank. Sumeragi and Misato got nothing on her.

On the flipside, she’s also very anal about certain things. And can get very pissed off very easily under the right circumstances. Maybe you wouldn’t want to be around her then…