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I love my little sister.

I love my sister very much.

I really love my sister.

There is no one I love more than my sister.

My sister has become a beautiful woman.

My sister and I are one person in two bodies.

No one is cuter when they orgasm than my little sister.

How did this start, you ask?

One day I saw my sister in her room. She was saying


She realized I was spying on her and showed up at my door, naked.

The choice lay before my eyes.

I made the right choice.

That day, I discovered my sister's beauty.

My cute little sister has always loved me.

I could not believe that my sister could love me. And yet, she did. I could feel, that night, as I made brotherly love to her. I could feel the desire in her slippery womanhood as it yearningly sucked in my fingers.