Moriya Makota

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Does anyone have Moriya Makota outside of Milky Peach/ Nyuutou or Honeypot/ Mitsutsubo? I know I've read stuff in Mujin thats by him but isn't conmpiled in either volume. Does he have another compiled volume? How about under any psubonyms? Has anyone taken individual mujjin comics and compiled his unrepiblished works? Hell, I'll take a rapidshit with an assload of Mujins on it.

So to recap, any or all of the following would impress on me a deep appreciation for a fellow anonymous:
1. New Volume by Makota- information on it, rapidshit, torrent, imagefap, whatever.
2. Information on Makota's psuedonyms and possibly a way to get access to work under his psuedonyms
3. Compilations of Makota's work that include things other than mitsutsubo or nyuutou.
4. Large compilations of Mujin.
Again, arigatou, gracias, merci and thanks in advance to anyone who knows anything about this, I'm off to try and fill some requests now.

If people just aren't interested, I understand. Tried the request board; some one told me I should come here.