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Sunrise offices, scriptwriters meeting, 10 pm Japan time.
Writer 1: Ok now that we're all here, let's get this started. Who wants to begin.
Writer 2: Uhh well should be Writer 3, he said he'd handle the bulk.
Writer 3: The fuck? Wasn't that supposed to be you?
W2: No fucking way, you didn't say anything.
W3: So what? What did you do all this time?
W2: Well I levelled my shaman to 70, did some raiding, ganked some nubz.
W2: What about you then?
W3: Err uhm. Trolled 2ch, fapped to loli, the usual.
W1: Don't look at me.
W2&3: We're fucked.
W1: Shit sucks. Maybe we'll get Gainax to hire us.
W2: Ah come on, we can do this, let's make something up on the spot.
W3: Are you crazy? We have what, 8 hours at best, if we miss sleep.
W1: No, he's right. Let's do this, brainstorm time.
Some minutes later.
W3: Hmpf, not much we can do now. Let's settle for something easy. Like uhh a kids show?
W2: Might work. You mean some powerlevels shonen right?
W3: Mmm, how about some slice of life for kids or something, shonen is overdone.
W1: Woah, could work. Let's see... Lulu and friends!
W2: How about: The wacky adventures of Lulu and friends, has a better ring.
W1: Works for me. So main guy's this Lulu fellow, 12 year old boy, sorta scrawny.
W3: Yeah the nerd type people pick on, kids could identify with him.
W1: Right. And his best friend err... Suzaku. Who's the more outgoing type.
W3: Neat, that way we nail both audiences.
W2: So basically they spend time at their playground. Or their treehouse or something.
W1: Yeah they're playing soldiers or whatever, and calling it Area 11.