so.. no OST eh

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Well then, old news but I've recently re-acquired an interest in finding the Nitaboh OST.

In case you haven't seen it (unsurprising), Nitaboh is an animated movie showcasing the story of the founder of a popular style of Shamisen play. Not exactly your typical /a/sshole kind of show.

That said, the music is absolutely stunning - worthy of a movie about the founder of a style of play.

The OST is fucking impossible to find. Only place I've even come remotely close to finding it on is a fucking paysite ( should be shot). Needless to say, there's no fucking way I'm paying for a download, especially one that's practically guaranteed to be shit quality.

This is where /a/ enters the picture.

If anyone happens to know where I might obtain (even as far as buying a CD) this OST, for the love of loli let me know!

To make this a less-than-blatant /r/, I'll be posting pics of Shamisen as I find them.

Pic related (it's a great movie, definitely worth watching)