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After the end of Gurren-Lagann, Boota goes on to sire a mass multitude of Spiral-powered hybrid creatures. Everyone in the galaxy briefly unites; but when the danger of the Spiral Nemesis looms large, they all voluntarily break off contact and go back to isolated life. Beastmen, unable to regenerate any longer, go extinct. Leeron, being the Eternal Queer, opts to have a test tube baby produced, giving himself a child and thus, a family line.

Many millenia pass, and the world regrows, slowly but surely, eventually relegating the Gurren-Dan to the stuff of legends, and forgetting. Boota's brood proliferate, speciating into over 500 different superpowered creatures which are capable of spontaneously transforming themselves into newer, stronger forms; a process dubbed 'evolution'.

We call these superpowered creatures 'Pokemon'.