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If /a/ bought a movie theater and played entire series of anime at a time, once a day, what would your achedual look liek?

Remember, your here to play for the general public - weeaboo or not, b-tard or not (we're all b-tards, just not in here). Here would be my random week.

Open at 5a, closes at 2p. Tickets are $25 for the whole event.

Mon: They Will Cry (to give everyone nightmares for the rest of the week.)
Tues: They Will Cry: Kai (assuming it has been released in eng)
Wed: Lucky Star (in b4 LS bashing)
Thurs: Fate/Stay Night.
Fri: Haruhi
Sat: Gundam 00
Sun: Rozen Maiden, desu.

In b4 "you'll never get written consent for that! bla bla bla"