My thoughts on ZSZS episode 8

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- YES! I start the episode and the first thing I see is Nami in a bikini. And then Abiru and Meru. That is how an episode is supposed to start. Kafuka too... these girls transform nicely when the clothes are reduced. This entire episode better take place at the pool.
- "Paniponi 2nd season confirmed?" Haha, yeah, sure.
- Chiri is more LOVE every time I see her.
- ...NAMI.
- ...HARUMI!
- Yes, shovel! I love evil mode Chiri.
- Coming soon, Hidamari Sketch x 365. WANT NOW.
- Overall, the spying bit is pretty awesome.
- Now for... the light of spring revealing all your secrets! The delinquent has a moe character tshirt XD
- Harumi is exposed! Hah, she hides her athleticism, not her doujins. My kinda woman.
- XD "Maria's really a boy!" ...I wouldn't be surprised anymore.
- And suddenly everything takes on the consistency of textured paper.
- Chiri bits are always awesome, especially this one. We need MOOOOORE killer Chiri. The only one spared her wrath is Maria :sd:
- "A bid for ratings..." APPROVED.

Damn, this episode was great. Pretty much all the gags hit. A decent amount of quality fanservice. Nami and Chiri and Harumi. EVIL CHIRI. A Rin appearance.

Just how I like it. God I love the Zetsubou Girls. Every last utterly insane one of them.