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here's my ronery story, anon.
I wanted to go to a bonfire(which is once a year) with 2 of my wannabe friends..ok, they're not really friends, they're just former classmates.
Let's say classmate A and classmate B
Because A lives a bit far away we decided that he'll sleep over at B's place.
Everything was just as planned.

But then one day B said that he'll go together with some of his other friends and one of them will sleep at his place
And that A can't sleep there because he(B) has a fever.
Yeah, and I sooooooooooooooo believed him ಠ_ಠ

And classmate A said that he'll stay home and with his brother invite some of their friends.

And me..?
I stayed at home since I never go anywere anyway unless someone drags me out.
My computer is my best and only friend.

And I'm ronery ;_; ronery ;_;


Can it be ronery tiem nao please? ;_;

pic related if you know what i mean.
...bad english is bad