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Favorite character and why

Easy mode: Self-explanatory image
Normal mode: Physical attributes aren't sufficient
Hard mode: Shallow traits (e.g. aspects of moe like "she acts like she doesn't care but secretly works hard", GAR like "he's a badass and doesn't give up against all odds") are insufficient
Nightmare mode: No repeats, and lead characters only, since secondaries are easier to make favorites due to less characterization that you might disagree with.

For me: Nijou Noriko. I find it easy to identify with her crappy anger management and academic interest in religious influence. Not a primary character, but I often like the type that stays mostly quiet except for the occasional interjection of wit, productive, and out of the way until the last minute, at which point they make a move toward something necessary when no one else has the cojones. Also she gets to 'visit temples and churches' with Shimako.