Hard-drive Refill Recommendations

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My secondary drive got corrupted and now I have 150GB of white space to fill. I need recommendations!
I really liked: Bebop, Eva, Maison Ikkoku, Samurai Champloo, Lain, Last Exile, Escaflowne, GitS: SAC, and FLCL.
I had a torrent of Soukou no Strain laying around from some recommendation or other, and it was all right at first, but now that I'm four episodes in it's all plastic hair and "oh hi we're 12 years old and built our own mecha out of garbage and boss around the adults" bullshit. I enjoy goofiness (see Champloo, FLCL) but it really annoys me to get pink-haired chibi shit in the middle of a "serious" story.
TL;DR, recommend good anime without irritating bullshit, please.