The stages of an anime fan:

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Beginner - Dabble in anime. Might not be fully committed. Will watch beginner stuff such as Elfen Lied or Naruto and will most likely use stream sites. Most underage fans are in this stage. Most will quit the fandom early on.

Intermediate - Dedicated to the fandom. Will keep up with the new shows and use torrents. Might not be hardcore but will know enough to understand. People in college are in this stage. Could eventually get out of the hobby.

Expert - The hobby becomes an obsession. You dabble into old anime and become a huge nostalgia fag. Even if you didn't live in the era you'll become an expert in it. You'll feel lonely knowing that you'll have no one else to discuss your outdated anime with. You're into anime for the long haul and pledge yourself to eternal virginity.

Beyond Expert, Fuse Blown - You have grown tired of anime in general but still want to be part of the fandom. You watch live action and obscure stuff that no one else will watch (e.g. 1960's jap puppet shows). This is the truest of the lonely spectrum, as you will have no one to talk to. You may quit the fandom entirely and move on to a totally different hobby such as hiking or geo caching. You will start a new live.